After a decade of community struggle, the Northeast Ecological Pro-Corridor Coalition (CPCEN) achieved in 2013 official designation of  the Northeast Ecological Natural Reserve. Two years later, a co-management agreement was signed between the CPCEN and the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA).

IMAGE: Map 1.1 Natural reserve delimitation Northwest Ecological Corridor

In collaboration with the Center for Landscape Conservation (CCP), the CPCEN has begun a participatory planning effort to create a model of ecotourism and portal communities to be implemented in the Northeast Ecological Natural Reserve. The portal communities are those that offer lodging, transportation, food and organized activities to visitors. The project is focused on the communities of the Juan Martín area and the town of Luquillo.

The goals of the project are: 1) To foster dialogue around the concepts of ecotourism and community portals; 2) to continue a dialogue and the exchange of information about ecotourism and community portals; and 3) to facilitate an exchange towards the implementation of these concepts for the helmet of Luquillo and Juan Martín.